About Jeanie

I was lucky to have the kind of teachers who encouraged my writing.  I remember being called up to my teacher’s desk in grade school.


I'm sure I thought that I had done something wrong. But she wanted to tell me how much she had enjoyed a short story I'd written about seeing a deer in the snow. She told me that the story was so descriptive that she felt she could almost see the deer, too. And later in high school, my English teacher passed around my essay about summer to other teachers. He wanted them to read it because he felt I had written something special. I am blessed that these two saw a hint of talent in my writings.


With marriage and three young children, I was too busy to think about writing. I did manage to keep journals on the funny things my children said or did. But as my children grew, I found a job as a reporter for a local newspaper. I was once again writing and loving my work! Later, that job led me to work as a local television reporter. Again, I loved my job. But I was writing news and not the stories I wanted to tell. 


During my news writing years, I started writing my first book. I would pull it out of the drawer from time to time and dust it off. Finally, after retiring, I found the time to really take a look at it and realized this is what I wanted to do. And so, REUNIONS was "born."


Writing allows me to immortalize my own characters and their stories. Reading allows everyone unlimited opportunities! I have been so gratified by my reader’s comments! Except for the people who tell me they don't read. How sad for them.


I appreciate each and every review written. And I hope readers will be ready for the next "paper journey!”